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Due to privacy concerns, only US and Canadian dealers/consumers are allowed to use this online form to submit claims.  For EU and UK, please contact your Marin dealer.


The bottom bracket on some of these bikes can break during use, causing the rider to lose control, posing a fall and crash hazards to the user. 

Please note that only a limited number of bikes were assembled with a bottom bracket that needs to be replaced, so not all models will be affected. 

Use the CHECK A SERIAL NUMBER function above to confirm if the bike was aseembled with a BB that needs to be replaced. 

Affected Models: 

  • San Quentin 1/20"/24"
  • Wildcat Trail 1/3
  • Fairfax 1/2, Terra Linda 1/2
  • Presidio 3
  • Kentfield 2/2ST
  • Larkspur 1
  • Muirwoods RC
  • San Anselmo DS1/DS2
  • San Rafael DS1/DS2
  • Hidden Canyon 20"
  • Bayview Trail 24"

If a bike is affected it should immediately stop being used and brought to an authorized Marin dealer for replacement at no cost to the customer or the dealer. 

If you have any questions about this safety recall, please contact Marin at: 1-800-222-7557