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Marin Bikes is located in Petaluma, California, in the heart of the North Bay. In business since 1986, Marin Bikes has a rich history with both a racing pedigree, and a strong racing background in mountain bikes, and transportation bikes.

Despite the long history, Marin Bikes is a young company, innovative and bent upon constant improvement in both our business and products. Attention to detail is key in our philosophy, and a strong personal relationship, with our dealer partners, is our goal.

Marin Bikes is experiencing resurgence in the bike industry, producing world-class products with both strong engineering and performance. We offer competitively priced, well considered, high quality bicycles, in a wide range of prices. Each model, from entry price points to elite models, is designed specifically to meet the needs of riders, and provide years of riding enjoyment.

We're looking for retail partners in some areas. We offer programs tailored to fit the needs of mom and pop shops, or multi-store IBD chains, with reasonable business terms, generous freight programs, and fair pricing. If you feel Marin would be a good fit for your business, please fill out the below contact info, and a sales representative from Marin Bikes will be in touch. Come join us, and be a part of the growth at Marin Bikes.

Why work with Marin?

  • Looking for long term partnerships.
  • Award-winning lineup of mountain, pavement and drop-bar bikes.
  • Great margins.
  • Easy to work with, no forced programs.
  • Great customer service and after-sale support.

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